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Base Package Version Description
mingw-w64-avr-gcc 12.2.0-1 GNU compiler collection for AVR 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-avr-gdb 12.1-1 The GNU Debugger for AVR (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-avrdude 7.0-1 Software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontrollers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-libavro 1.11.1-1 The Apache Avro data serialization system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-avr-libc 2.1.0-1 The C runtime library for the AVR family of microcontrollers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-avr-binutils 2.39-1 GNU Binutils for the AVR target (mingw-w64)
Last Update: 2022-12-09 09:28:21