Pending Package Updates

8 packages which have a newer version in the Git repository than in the pacman repository

Packages get automatically built via msys2/msys2-autobuild and msys2-arm/msys2-autobuild. Maintainers can control the build pipeline here.
After the packages are built they still need to be manually signed and uploaded to the pacman repo, so please be patient :)

Build Types:

Update Date Base Package Repo Version Git Version Status
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-glab 1.43.0-1 1.44.1-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-asciidoc 10.2.0-3 10.2.1-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-hugo 0.128.2-1 0.129.0-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-python-sqlmodel 0.0.20-1 0.0.21-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-python-docxtpl 0.17.0-1 0.18.0-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-uvicorn 0.30.1-2 0.30.3-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 mingw-w64-lz4 1.9.4-1 1.10.0-1 Waiting to be built
2024-07-22 lz4 1.9.4-1 1.10.0-1 Ready for upload but waiting for dependencies

The packages above marked "Ready for upload" are also available in a special staging pacman repo. Note that using the staging repo might result in some packages being broken from time to time as it can contain partial build results of multi-package rebuilds. To use it add the following to the top of /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =
SigLevel = Never

Pending Package Removals

2 packages which are in the pacman repository, but no longer in the Git repository and can be removed
Update Date Repo Package Status
2024-01-23 clang64 mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-scipy Required by: mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-networkx, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-numba, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-pandas, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-patsy, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-pyqtgraph, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-spyder, mingw-w64-clang-x86_64-python-trimesh
2024-01-23 clangarm64 mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-scipy Required by: mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-networkx, mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-numba, mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pandas, mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-patsy, mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyqtgraph, mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-trimesh
Last Update: 2024-07-23 00:22:59 [Request update]