1352 packages (clangarm64)

Package Version Description
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-7zip 22.01-2 A file archiver with a high compression ratio (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-FAudio 22.08-1 FAudio - Accuracy-focused XAudio reimplementation for open platforms (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL 1.2.15+r419+gef3a6c05-1 A library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2 2.26.0-1 A library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2_gfx 1.0.4-2 SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2_image 2.6.2-3 A simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2_mixer 2.6.2-1 A simple multi-channel audio mixer (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2_net 2.2.0-1 A small sample cross-platform networking library (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL2_ttf 2.20.1-1 A library that allows you to use TrueType fonts in your SDL applications (Version 2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-SDL_image 1.2.12-7 A simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-a52dec 0.7.4-4 A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aalib 1.4rc5-1 A portable ASCII art graphic library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-abseil-cpp 20220623.1-2 Abseil Common Libraries (C++) from Google (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-adios2 2.8.3-2 The Adaptable Input/Output System version 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-adobe-source-code-pro-fonts 2.038ro+1.058it+1.018var-1 Monospaced font family for user interface and coding environments (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-adol-c 2.7.2-5 Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms written in C/C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-adwaita-icon-theme 42.0-1 GNOME icon theme (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-alembic 1.8.4-1 A open framework for storing and sharing scene data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-amtk 5.6.0-1 Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-antiword 0.37-3 Convert MS Word 2.0-2003 documents to plain text or PostScript (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-antlr3 3.5.3-1 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aom 3.5.0-1 AV1 codec library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-appstream-glib 0.8.2-1 Objects and methods for reading and writing AppStream metadata (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aria2 1.36.0-2 A multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform download utility (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aribb24 1.0.3-6 A library for ARIB STD-B24, decoding JIS 8 bit characters and parsing MPEG-TS stream (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-armadillo 11.2.3-1 C++ linear algebra library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-arrow 10.0.1-1 Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-asciidoc 10.2.0-2 AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell 0.60.8-2 A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell-de 20161207-2 German dictionary for aspell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell-en 2020.12.07-1 English dictionary for aspell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell-es 1.11.2-1 Spanish dictionary for aspell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell-fr 0.50.3-1 French dictionary for aspell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aspell-ru 0.99f7.1-1 Russian dictionary for aspell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-assimp 5.2.5-1 Portable Open Source library to import various well-known 3D model formats in an uniform manner (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-atk 2.38.0-2 Interface definitions of accessibility infrastructure (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-atkmm 2.28.3-1 C++ bindings for atk (V2.28) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-attica-qt5 5.100.0-1 A Qt5 library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-autotools 2022.01.16-1 A meta package for the GNU autotools build system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-auth 0.6.21-1 C99 library implementation of AWS client-side authentication: standard credentials providers and signing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-cal 0.5.17-1 AWS Crypto Abstraction Layer: Cross-Platform, C99 wrapper for cryptography primitives (mingw-w64).
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-common 0.8.5-1 Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C. Includes cross-platform primitives, configuration, data structures, and error handling (mingw-w64).
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-compression 0.2.16-1 C99 implementation of huffman encoding/decoding (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-event-stream 0.2.15-1 C99 implementation of the content-type (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-http 0.6.27-1 C99 implementation of the HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 specifications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-io 0.13.11-1 AWS SDK module to handle all IO and TLS work for application protocols (mingw-w64).
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-mqtt 0.8.0-1 C99 implementation of the MQTT 3.1.1 specification (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-s3 0.1.51-1 C99 library implementation for communicating with the S3 service, designed for maximizing throughput on high bandwidth EC2 instances (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-c-sdkutils 0.1.7-1 AWS SDK utility library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-checksums 0.1.13-1 Cross-Platform HW accelerated CRC32c and CRC32 with fallback to efficient SW implementations (mingw-w64).
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-crt-cpp 0.18.16-1 C++ wrapper around the aws-c-* libraries. Provides Cross-Platform Transport Protocols and SSL/TLS implementations for C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-aws-sdk-cpp 1.10.14-1 AWS SDK for C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-babl 0.1.98-1 Dynamic Pixel Format Translation Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-benchmark 1.7.1-1 A microbenchmark support library, by Google (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-blosc 1.21.1-2 A blocking, shuffling and loss-less compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-blosc2 2.4.3-1 A blocking, shuffling and lossless compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-boost 1.80.0-2 Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-breeze-icons-qt5 5.100.0-1 Breeze icon themes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-brotli 1.0.9-5 Brotli compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-brotli-testdata 1.0.9-5 Brotli compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-brotli 1.0.9-5 Brotli compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-bullet 3.24-3 A 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games and animation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pybullet 3.24-3 Bullet Python bindings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-bzip2 1.0.8-2 A high-quality data compression program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-c-ares 1.18.1-1 C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ca-certificates 20211016-3 Common CA certificates (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cairo 1.17.6-3 Cairo vector graphics library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cairomm 1.14.4-1 C++ bindings to Cairo vector graphics library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cairomm-1.16 1.16.2-1 C++ bindings to Cairo vector graphics library (V1.16) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cantarell-fonts 0.303.1-2 Humanist sans serif font (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-capnproto 0.10.2-1 Cap'n Proto serialization/RPC system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-catch 3.2.0-1 A modern, C++-native, header-only, test framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD using C++11 and later (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ccache 4.7.4-1 Compiler cache that speeds up recompilation by caching previous compilations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cereal 1.3.2-1 A C++11 library for serialization (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ceres-solver 2.1.0-2 A large scale non-linear optimization library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cfitsio 1~3.48-1 A library of C and Fortran subroutines for reading and writing data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cgal 5.5.1-1 Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cgns 4.3.0-1 CFD General Notation System library and tools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-charls 2.3.4-1 CharLS, a C++ JPEG-LS library implementation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-chmlib 0.40-1 Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-chromaprint 1.5.1-2 Library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-clang 15.0.5-1 C language family frontend for LLVM (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-clang-analyzer 15.0.5-1 A source code analysis framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-clang-tools-extra 15.0.5-1 Extra tools built using Clang's tooling APIs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-compiler-rt 15.0.5-1 Runtime libraries for Clang and LLVM (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gcc-compat 15.0.5-1 GCC compatibility aliases for Clang (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lld 15.0.5-1 Linker tools for LLVM (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-llvm 15.0.5-1 Low Level Virtual Machine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cli11 2.3.1-1 Command line parser for C++11 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cmake 3.25.0-1 A cross-platform open-source make system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cmocka 1.1.5-3 Unit testing framework for C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-connect 1.105-3 Make socket connection using SOCKS4/5 and HTTP tunnel (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cppunit 1.15.1-2 A C++ unit testing framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-crt-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 CRT for Windows
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-crypto++ 8.6.0-1 Crypto++ Library is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cunit 2.1.3-3 Lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-curl 7.86.0-5 Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-curl-gnutls 7.86.0-5 Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-curl-winssl 7.86.0-5 Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cyrus-sasl 2.1.27-4 Cyrus Simple Authentication Service Layer (SASL) library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-cython 0.29.32-1 C-Extensions for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-dav1d 1.0.0-1 AV1 cross-platform decoder focused on speed and correctness (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-dbus 1.12.20-5 message bus system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-dbus-glib 0.112-1 D-Bus Message Bus System (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-dcmtk 3.6.7-3 A collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts of the DICOM standard (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-devil 1.8.0-10 Library for reading several different image formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-discount 2.2.7-1 A Markdown implementation written in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-djvulibre 3.5.28-2 Suite to create, manipulate and view DjVu (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-dnslookup 1.8.0-1 Simple command line utility to make DNS lookups (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-docbook-xml 1~4.5-3 A widely used XML scheme for writing documentation and help
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-docbook-xsl 1.79.2-8 XML stylesheets for Docbook-xml transformations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-double-conversion 3.2.1-1 Binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-doxygen 1.9.5-1 A documentation system for C++, C, Java, IDL and PHP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-drmingw 0.9.8-1 Just-in-Time (JIT) debugger (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-duktape 2.7.0-1 Embeddable Javascript engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ebook-tools 0.2.2-1 Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-editorconfig-core-c 0.12.5-2 EditorConfig core code written in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-eigen3 3.4.0-1 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-elementary-icon-theme 7.0.0-1 Named, vector icons for elementary OS (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-enchant 2.3.3-3 Enchanting Spell Checking Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-exiv2 0.27.5-2 Exif/IPTC/Xmp C++ metadata library and tools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-expat 2.5.0-1 An XML parser library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-extra-cmake-modules 5.100.0-1 Extra CMake modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-faad2 2.10.1-1 ISO AAC audio decoder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ffmpeg 4.4.3-3 Complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ffnvcodec-headers FFmpeg version of headers required to interface with Nvidias codec APIs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fftw 3.3.10-4 A library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-field3d 1.7.3-5 Open source library for storing voxel data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-filezilla 3.61.0-1 Fast and reliable FTP, FTPS and SFTP client (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-flac 1.4.2-1 Free Lossless Audio Codec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-flatbuffers 22.11.23-1 Memory Efficient Serialization Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flatbuffers 22.11.23-1 An efficient cross platform serialization library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-flif 0.4-2 Free Lossless Image Format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fluidsynth 2.3.0-1 A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fmt 9.1.0-1 A modern formatting library for C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fontconfig 2.14.0-1 A library for configuring and customizing font access (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-freeglut 3.4.0-2 Freeglut allows the user to create and manage windows containing OpenGL contexts (mingw32-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-freeimage 3.18.0-9 Library project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-freetype 2.12.1-1 TrueType font rendering library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fribidi 1.0.12-1 A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-fxc2-git r15.5ace4c2-3 A wine-runnable version of Microsofts Shader Compiler fxc (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gavl 1.4.0-1 A low level library, upon which multimedia APIs can be built. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gc 8.2.2-1 A garbage collector for C and C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdal 3.6.0-3 A translator library for raster geospatial data formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdbm 1.19-2 GNU database library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdk-pixbuf2 2.42.10-1 An image loading library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdk-pixbuf2-docs 2.42.10-1 An image loading library (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdl 3.40.0-2 GNOME Docking Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gdu 5.20.0-1 Fast disk usage analyzer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gegl 0.4.40-1 Generic Graphics Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-geoipupdate 4.10.0-1 Update GeoIP2 and GeoIP Legacy binary databases from MaxMind (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-geos 3.9.1-2 C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gettext 0.21-3 GNU internationalization library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gexiv2 0.14.0-3 GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gflags 2.2.2-4 Google's Commandline flags module for C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ghex 3.41.1-1 A simple binary editor for the Gnome desktop (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ghostscript 9.53.3-3 An interpreter for the PostScript language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gi-docgen 2022.2-1 Documentation tool for GObject-based libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-giflib 5.2.1-3 A library for reading and writing gif images (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gimp3 2.99.14-2 GNU Image Manipulation Program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-git-lfs 3.2.0-1 An open source Git extension for versioning large files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-github-cli 2.20.2-1 The GitHub CLI (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gl2ps 1.4.2-2 an OpenGL to PostScript printing library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glew 2.2.0-3 GLEW, The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glfw 3.3.8-2 A free, open source, portable framework for OpenGL application development (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glib-networking 2.74.0-1 Network-related GIO modules for glib (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glib2 2.74.2-1 Common C routines used by GTK+ 3 and other libs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glibmm 2.66.5-1 Glib-- (glibmm) is a C++ interface for glib (V2.66) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glibmm-2.68 2.74.0-1 Glib-- (glibmm) is a C++ interface for glib (V2.68) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glog 0.6.0-1 C++ implementation of the Google logging module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glsl-optimizer-git 1~r66913.d78c3d2f24-1 C++ library that takes GLSL shaders, does some GPU-independent optimizations on them and outputs GLSL back (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-glslang 11.12.0-1 An OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gmic 3.0.2-6 A Full-Featured Open-Source Framework for Image Processing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gmp 6.2.1-3 A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gnome-common 3.18.0-1 Common development macros for GNOME (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gnupg 2.2.40-1 GNU Privacy Guard - a PGP replacement tool (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gnutls 3.7.8-1 A library which provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-go 1.19.3-1 Go Lang (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gobject-introspection 1.74.0-1 Introspection system for GObject-based libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gobject-introspection-runtime 1.74.0-1 Introspection system for GObject-based libraries - runtime files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gperf 3.1-1 Perfect hash function generator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gpgme 1.15.1-9 A C wrapper library for GnuPG (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gphoto2 2.5.28-1 The gphoto2 commandline tool for accessing and controlling digital cameras (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-graphene 1.10.8-2 A thin layer of graphic data types (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-graphicsmagick 1.3.38-5 An image viewing/manipulation program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-graphite2 1.3.14-2 Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-graphviz 2.44.1-12 Graph Visualization Software (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-grep 3.6-1 Grep searches one or more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-grpc 1.51.0-1 Google's high performance, open source, general RPC framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gsettings-desktop-schemas 42.0-2 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gsfonts 20200910-2 (URW)++ Core Font Set [Level 2] (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gsl 2.7.1-1 The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a modern numerical library for C and C++ programmers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gsm 1.0.22-1 Shared libraries for GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gsoap 2.8.122-1 An extensive suite of portable C and C++ software to develop XML Web services with powerful type-safe XML data bindings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gspell 1.12.0-3 Spell-checking library for GTK applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gst-plugins-base 1.20.4-1 GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugins (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gst-plugins-good 1.20.4-2 GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugins (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gstreamer 1.20.4-1 GStreamer Multimedia Framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtest 1.12.1-1 Google Testing and Mocking Framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtk-doc 1.33.2-4 Documentation tool for public library API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtk-update-icon-cache 3.24.35-1 GTK+ icon cache updater (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtk3 3.24.35-1 GObject-based multi-platform GUI toolkit (v3) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtk-vnc 1.3.1-2 VNC viewer widget for GTK+ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtk2 2.24.33-6 GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit (v2) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtkmm 2.24.5-4 C++ bindings for gtk2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtkmm3 3.24.7-1 C++ bindings for gtk3 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gtkspell3 3.0.10-3 Provides word-processor-style highlighting and replacement of misspelled words in a GtkTextView widget (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-gts 0.7.6-2 Provides useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-harfbuzz 5.3.1-2 OpenType text shaping engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hdf4 4.2.15-6 Legacy HDF4 driver for GDAL (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hdf5 1.12.2-1 General purpose library and file format for storing scientific data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-headers-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 headers for Windows
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hicolor-icon-theme 0.17-2 Hicolor icon theme (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hidapi 0.12.0-1 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-highway 1.0.2-1 C++ library for SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hiredis 1.1.0-1 Minimalistic C client for Redis
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hlsl2glsl-git 1~r848.14dd189-1 HLSL to GLSL shader language translator
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-htslib 1.16-2 library for high-throughput sequencing data formats
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-http-parser 2.9.4-2 Parser for HTTP Request/Response written in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hub 2.14.2-2 hub introduces git to GitHub (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hugo 0.107.0-1 A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love by bep, spf13 and friends in Go. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hunspell 1.7.1-1 Spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-hunspell-en 2020.12.07-1 Hunspell dictionaries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-iconv 1.17-1 Character encoding conversion utility (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libiconv 1.17-1 Character encoding conversion library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-icoutils 0.32.3-2 Create and extract MS Windows icons and cursors (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-icu 72.1-1 International Components for Unicode library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-icu-debug-libs 72.1-1 International Components for Unicode library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-imagemagick An image viewing/manipulation program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-imagemagick-docs An image viewing/manipulation program (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-imath 3.1.6-1 A C++ and python library of 2D and 3D vector, matrix, and math operations for computer graphics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-include-what-you-use 0.19-1 A tool for use with clang to analyze #includes in C and C++ source files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-inkscape 1.2.1-5 Vector graphics editor using the SVG file format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-innoextract 1.9-6 A tool to extract installers created by Inno Setup (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-iso-codes 4.12.0-1 Lists of the country, language, and currency names (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-itstool 2.0.6-5 XML to PO and back again (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jansson 2.14-2 C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jasper 4.0.0-1 Reference implementation of JPEG-2000 Part-1 codec (ISO/IEC 15444-5) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jbig2dec 0.19-1 Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jbigkit 2.1-4 Data compression library/utilities for bi-level high-resolution images (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jemalloc 5.3.0-1 General-purpose scalable concurrent malloc implementation (mingw64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jo 1.9-1 JSON output from a shell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jp2-pixbuf-loader 0.0.2-2 JPEG2000 GDK Pixbuf Loader library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jpegoptim 1.5.0-1 Utility to optimize jpeg files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jq 1.6-5 Command-line JSON processor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-json-c 0.16-1 A JSON implementation in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-json-glib 1.6.6-3 JSON-GLib implements a full suite of JSON-related tools using GLib and GObject (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jsoncpp 1.9.5-1 A C++ library for interacting with JSON (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-junitparser 2.8.0-1 Pythonic JUnit/xUnit Result XML Parser (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-jxrlib 1.1-3 Open source implementation of jpegxr (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kactivities-qt5 5.100.0-1 Runtime and library to organize user work in separate activities (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-karchive-qt5 5.100.0-1 Qt 5 addon providing access to numerous types of archives (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kate 22.08.1-1 Advanced Text Editor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kauth-qt5 5.100.0-1 Abstraction to system policy and authentication features (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kbookmarks-qt5 5.100.0-1 Support for bookmarks and the XBEL format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kcmutils-qt5 5.100.0-1 Utilities for interacting with KCModules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kcodecs-qt5 5.100.0-1 A collection of methods to manipulate strings using various encodings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kcompletion-qt5 5.100.0-1 Text completion helpers and widgets for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kconfig-qt5 5.100.0-1 KConfig provides an advanced configuration system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kconfigwidgets-qt5 5.100.0-1 Widgets for configuration dialogs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kcoreaddons-qt5 5.100.0-1 Classes built on top of QtCore to perform various tasks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kcrash-qt5 5.100.0-1 Support for application crash analysis and bug report from apps (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kdbusaddons-qt5 5.100.0-1 Addons for QtDBus (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kdeclarative-qt5 5.100.0-1 Provides integration of QML and KDE Frameworks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kdegraphics-mobipocket 22.08.1-1 A library to handle mobipocket files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kdnssd-qt5 5.100.0-1 Abstraction to system DNS Service Discovery features (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kdoctools-qt5 5.100.0-1 KF5 documentation framework using docbook (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-keystone 0.9.2-3 Lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture assembler framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-keystone 0.9.2-3 Lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture assembler framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kfilemetadata-qt5 5.100.0-1 A file metadata extraction library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kglobalaccel-qt5 5.100.0-1 Global desktop keyboard shortcuts (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kguiaddons-qt5 5.100.0-1 Utilities for graphical user interfaces (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kholidays-qt5 1~5.100.0-1 Library for regional holiday information (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-khtml-qt5 5.100.0-1 KDE HTML rendering engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ki18n-qt5 5.100.0-1 KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kiconthemes-qt5 5.100.0-1 Support for icon themes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kidletime-qt5 5.100.0-1 Reporting of idle time of user and system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kimageformats-qt5 5.100.0-2 Plugins to allow QImage to support extra file formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kinit-qt5 5.100.0-1 Process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kio-qt5 5.100.0-1 Resource and network access abstraction (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kirigami-addons-qt5 0.5-1 Add-ons for the Kirigami framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kirigami2-qt5 5.100.0-1 A QtQuick based components set (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kitemmodels-qt5 5.100.0-1 Models for the Qt Model/View system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kitemviews-qt5 5.100.0-1 Widget addons for Qt Model/View (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kjobwidgets-qt5 5.100.0-1 Widgets for tracking KJob instances (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kjs-qt5 5.100.0-1 Support JS scripting in KDE applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-knewstuff-qt5 5.100.0-1 Support for downloading application assets from the network (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-knotifications-qt5 5.100.0-1 Abstraction for system notifications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kpackage-qt5 5.100.0-1 Framework that lets applications manage user installable packages of non-binary assets (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kparts-qt5 5.100.0-1 Document centric plugin system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kplotting-qt5 5.100.0-1 Lightweight plotting framework for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kservice-qt5 5.100.0-1 Advanced plugin and service introspection (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ktexteditor-qt5 5.100.0-1 Advanced embeddable text editor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ktextwidgets-qt5 5.100.0-1 Advanced text editing widgets (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kunitconversion-qt5 5.100.0-1 Abstraction to system DNS Service Discovery features (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kwallet-qt5 5.100.0-1 Secure and unified container for user passwords (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kwidgetsaddons-qt5 5.100.0-1 Addons to QtWidgets (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kwindowsystem-qt5 5.100.0-1 Access to the windowing system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-kxmlgui-qt5 5.100.0-1 User configurable main windows (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-l-smash 2.14.5-3 Loyal to Spec of Mpeg4 and Ad-hoc Simple Hackwork. Yet another opensource mp4 handler (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lame 3.100-2 A high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-laszip 3.4.3-2 Free and lossless LiDAR compression (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lcms 1.19-6 Lightweight color management development library/engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lcms2 2.14-1 Small-footprint color management engine, version 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lensfun 0.3.3-5 Database of photographic lenses and a library that allows advanced access to the database (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-leptonica 1.82.0-1 An open source C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lerc 4.0.0-1 Limited Error Raster Compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lib2geom 1.2-1 Easy to use 2D geometry library in C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libaacs 0.11.1-2 Advanced Access Content System (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libaec 1.0.6-2 Adaptive Entropy Coding library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libarchive 3.6.1-2 Multi-format archive and compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libass 0.16.0-1 A portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libassuan 2.5.5-1 A IPC library used by some GnuPG related software (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libatomic_ops 7.6.14-1 Provides semi-portable access to hardware provided atomic memory operations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libavif 0.11.1-3 Library for encoding and decoding .avif files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libb2 0.98.1-2 C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2sp hash functions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libbdplus 0.2.0-1 Library for handling the BD+ protection scheme on bluray discs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libbluray 1.3.3-1 Library to access Blu-Ray disks for video playback (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libc++ 15.0.4-1 C++ Standard Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libunwind 15.0.4-1 A new implementation of a stack unwinder for C++ exceptions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libcaca 0.99.beta20-3 Color AsCii Art library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libcddb 1.3.2-5 Library that implements the different protocols (CDDBP, HTTP, SMTP) to access data on a CDDB server (e.g. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libcdio 2.1.0-6 GNU Compact Disc Input and Control Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libcdr 0.1.7-5 libcdr is a library and a set of tools for reading and converting binary files produced by Corel DRAW (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libclc 15.0.4-1 Library requirements of the OpenCL C programming language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libcue 2.2.1-2 Parses so-called cue sheets and handles the parsed data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdatrie 0.2.13-1 Implementation of double-array structure for representing trie, as proposed by Junichi Aoe. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdca 0.0.7-1 Free library for decoding DTS Coherent Acoustics streams (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libde265 1.0.9-1 Open h.265 video codec library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdeflate 1.14-1 Heavily optimized library for DEFLATE/zlib/gzip compression and decompression (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdsm 0.4.3-3 SMB protocol client implementation in pure old C, with a lot less features than Samba but with a much simpler, and a more permissive license (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdvbpsi 1.3.3-1 A library designed for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdvdcss 1.4.3-1 Portable abstraction library for DVD decryption (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdvdnav 6.1.1-1 The library for xine-dvdnav plugin (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libdvdread 6.1.3-1 Provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video disks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libebml 1.4.4-1 Extensible Binary Meta Language library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libepoxy 1.5.10-1 A library for handling OpenGL function pointer management for you (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libexif 0.6.24-2 A library to parse an EXIF file and read the data from those tags (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libffi 3.4.4-1 A portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libfilezilla 0.39.1-1 Small and modern C++ library, offering some basic functionality to build high-performing, platform-independent programs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libfreexl 1.0.6-3 Library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgcrypt 1.10.1-1 General purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgd 2.3.2-5 GD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgee 0.20.6-1 A collection library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes for commonly used data structures (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgeotiff 1.7.1-2 TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgit2 1.5.0-2 A linkable library for Git (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgit2-winhttp 1.5.0-2 A linkable library for Git (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgme 0.6.3-3 Video game music file emulation/playback library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgoom2 2k4-5 Shared library part of the Goom visualization plugin (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgpg-error 1.46-2 Support library for libgcrypt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libgphoto2 2.5.30-2 The libgphoto2 camera access and control library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libharu 2.4.3-1 C library for generating PDF documents (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libheif 1.14.0-1 HEIF image decoder/encoder library and tools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libidn 1.40-1 Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libidn2 2.3.3-1 Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libjpeg-turbo 2.1.4-1 JPEG image codec with accelerated baseline compression and decompression (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libjxl 0.7.0-2 JPEG XL image format reference implementation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libkexiv2 22.08.1-1 A library to manipulate pictures metadata (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libkml 1.3.0-9 Reference implementation of OGC KML 2.2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libksba 1.6.2-1 A CMS and X.509 access library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-liblas 1.8.1-3 ASPRS LiDAR data translation toolset (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-liblqr 0.4.2-4 A seam-carving C/C++ library called Liquid Rescale (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libltdl 2.4.7-1 A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmad 0.15.1b-4 A high-quality MPEG audio decoder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmangle-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 libmangle
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmariadbclient 3.1.13-1 MariaDB client libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmatroska 1.7.1-1 Matroska library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmicrodns 0.2.0-2 Minimal mDNS resolver library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmicrohttpd 0.9.75-2 GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is supposed to make it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmng 2.0.3-5 A collection of routines used to create and manipulate MNG format graphics files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmodplug A MOD playing library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmpcdec 1~0.1+r475-2 MusePack commandline utilities and decoder library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmpeg2-git r1108.946bf4b-1 Library for decoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmypaint 1.6.1-3 Brush engine used by MyPaint (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libmysofa 1.3.1-1 Reader for AES SOFA files to get better HRTFs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libnfs 5.0.2-1 Client library for accessing NFS shares over a network (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libnotify 0.7.12-2 Desktop notification library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libnumbertext 1.0.11-1 Number to number name and money text conversion library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libogg 1.3.5-1 Ogg bitstream and framing library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libpaper 1.1.28-1 library for handling paper characteristics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libplacebo 4.208.0-2 Reusable library for GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libpng 1.6.39-1 A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libproxy 0.4.18-1 A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libpsl 0.21.1-4 Public Suffix List library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libraqm 0.9.0-1 A library that encapsulates the logic for complex text layout (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libraw 0.20.2-6 Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librclone 1.60.0-1 Cloud-aware file synchonization library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rclone 1.60.0-1 Cloud-aware file synchonization utility (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librdkafka 1.9.2-1 The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libreplaygain 475-2 A library to adjust audio gain (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librevenge 0.0.4-3 Library for REVerses ENGineered formats filters (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librsvg 2.55.1-2 SVG rendering library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librsvg-docs 2.55.1-2 SVG rendering library (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-librttopo 1.1.0-1 RT Topology Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsamplerate 0.1.9-2 Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate) is a Sample Rate Converter for audio (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsass 3.6.5-2 C implementation of Sass CSS preprocessor (library) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsbml 5.19.7-1 A file format for exchanging computational models in systems biology (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsecret 0.20.5-2 Library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libshout 2.4.6-1 Library for accessing a shoutcast/icecast server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsigc++ 2.10.8-1 Libsigc++ implements a full callback system for use in widget libraries - V2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsigc++-3.0 3.2.0-1 Callback Framework for C++ - V3 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libslirp 4.7.0-1 General purpose TCP-IP emulator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsndfile 1.1.0-3 A C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsodium 1.0.18-3 P(ortable|ackageable) NaCl-based crypto library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsoup 2.74.3-1 HTTP client/server library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsoxr 0.1.3-4 The SoX Resampler library that aims to give fast and high quality results for any constant resampling ratio (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libspatialite 5.0.1-6 SQLite extension to support spatial data types and operations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libspectre 0.2.11-1 Small library for rendering Postscript documents (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libspiro 1~20221101-1 Simplifies the drawing of beautiful curves (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsquish 1.15-3 Open source DXT compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libssh 0.10.4-1 Library for accessing ssh client services through C libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libssh2 1.10.0-1 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol as defined by Internet Drafts (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libssh2-wincng 1.10.0-1 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol as defined by Internet Drafts (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libsystre 1.0.1-4 Wrapper library around TRE that provides POSIX API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libtasn1 4.19.0-1 A library for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and Distinguish Encoding Rules (DER) manipulation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libthai 0.1.29-1 Thai language support routines (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libtheora 1.1.1-7 An open video codec developed by the (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libtiff 4.4.0-6 Library for manipulation of TIFF images (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libtre-git r128.6fb7206-2 The approximate regex matching library and agrep command line tool (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libunistring 1.0-1 Library for manipulating Unicode strings and C strings. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libusb 1.0.26-1 Library that provides generic access to USB devices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libusb-compat-git r76.b5db9d0-2 Allows applications written for libusb-0.1 to work with libusb-1.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libutf8proc 2.8.0-1 C library for processing UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libutp r99.fda9f4b-1 uTorrent Transport Protocol library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libuv 1.44.2-1 Cross-platform asynchronous I/O (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvirt 8.8.0-1 Windows libvirt virtualization library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvirt-glib 4.0.0-2 libvirt GLib and GObject mapping library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvisio 0.1.7-10 libvisio is a library and a set of tools for reading and converting MS Visio diagram (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvncserver 0.9.13-1 Cross-platform C libraries that allow you to easily implement VNC server or client functionality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvoikko 4.3.1-5 A spelling and grammar checker, hyphenator and collection of related linguistic data for Finnish language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvorbis 1.3.7-1 Vorbis codec library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libvpx 1.12.0-1 The VP8/VP9 Codec SDK (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwebp 1.2.4-2 A library to encode and decode images in WebP format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwebsockets 4.3.2-1 C library for websocket clients and servers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwinpthread-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 winpthreads library
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-winpthreads-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 winpthreads library
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwmf 0.2.12-4 Library for Converting Metafile Images (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwpd 0.10.3-1 Library for Importing WordPerfect (tm) Documents (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libwpg 0.3.3-1 Library to read and parse graphics in WordPerfect Graphics format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libxlsxwriter 1.1.4-1 A C library for creating Excel XLSX files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libxml2 2.10.3-1 XML parsing library, version 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libxml2-docs 2.10.3-1 XML parsing library, version 2 (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libxslt 1.1.37-1 XML stylesheet transformation library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libyaml 0.2.5-1 YAML 1.1 library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libyuv 1844.r2374.f9fda6e7-1 YUV conversion and scaling library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libzip 1.9.2-1 A C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lilv 0.24.20-1 A C library with Python bindings for hosting LV2 plugins in applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-live-media 2022.04.26-1 A set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lldb 15.0.4-1 Next generation, high-performance debugger (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lldb-mi r83.2388bd7-1 LLDB's machine interface driver (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lua 5.4.4-1 A powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lua51 5.1.5-5 A powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Version 5.1.x (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lv2 1.18.10-1 LV2 audio plugin specification (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lv2-docs 1.18.10-1 LV2 audio plugin specification (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lz4 1.9.4-1 Very fast lossless compression algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-lzo2 2.10-2 Portable lossless data compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-make 4.4-2 GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-maxflow 3.0.5-1 A library implementing the max-flow/min-cut algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-md4c 0.4.8-2 C Markdown parser implementation compliant to CommonMark specification
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mdbook 0.4.22-1 Create book from markdown files, like Gitbook but implemented in Rust (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mdbook-pikchr 0.1.4-1 A mdbook preprocessor to render pikchr code blocks as images in your book (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mdloader 1.0.7-1 Massdrop keyboard firmware loader (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-meson 0.64.1-1 High-productivity build system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-metis 5.1.0-4 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mimalloc 2.0.7-1 General-purpose allocator with excellent performance characteristics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-minizip 1.2.13-2 Mini zip and unzip based on zlib (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zlib 1.2.13-2 Compression library implementing the deflate compression method found in gzip and PKZIP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-minizip-ng 3.0.7-3 Fork of the popular zip manipulation library found in the zlib distribution. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mlir 15.0.4-1 Multi-Level IR Compiler Framework for LLVM (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mpdecimal 2.5.1-1 Package for correctly-rounded arbitrary precision decimal floating point arithmetic (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mpfr 4.1.0.p13-1 Multiple-precision floating-point library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mpg123 1.31.1-1 A console based real time MPEG Audio Player for Layer 1, 2 and 3 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-muparser 2.3.4-1 A fast math parser library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mxml 3.3.1-2 A tiny XML library for reading and writing XML files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mypaint-brushes 1.3.1-1 Brushes for MyPaint (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-mypaint-brushes2 2.0.2-1 Brushes for MyPaint 2.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nana 1.7.4-3 An opensource cross-platform GUI library written in modern C++11 for static linking (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ncurses 6.3-6 System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-netcdf 4.9.0-4 Interface for scientific data access to large binary data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-netcdf-cxx 4.3.1-2 NetCDF C++ bindings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nettle 3.8.1-1 A low-level cryptographic library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nghttp2 1.51.0-1 Framing layer of HTTP/2 is implemented as a reusable C library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ninja 1.11.1-2 Ninja is a small build system with a focus on speed (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nlohmann-json 3.11.2-1 JSON for Modern C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nlopt 2.7.1-3 A library for nonlinear optimization (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-npth 1.6-2 New portable threads library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nspr 4.35-1 Netscape Portable Runtime (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nss 3.83-1 Mozilla Network Security Services (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ntldd-git r19.7fb9365-2 Tracks dependencides in Windows PE binaries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-nuspell 5.1.2-2 Fast and safe spellchecking C++ library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-odt2txt 0.5-3 extracts the text out of OpenDocument Texts
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ogre3d 13.5.3-1 A cross-platform 3D game engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-okular 22.08.1-1 Document Viewer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-oniguruma 6.9.8-1 A regular expressions library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openal 1.22.2-1 OpenAL audio library for use with opengl (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openblas 0.3.21-6 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD, providing optimized blas, lapack, and cblas (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openblas64 0.3.21-6 An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD, providing optimized blas, lapack, and cblas with 64-bit indexing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opencc 1.1.4-1 Library for Open Chinese Convert (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opencollada 1.6.68-3 Stream based reader and writer library for COLLADA files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opencolorio 2.2.0-2 A color management framework for visual effects and animation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opencore-amr 0.1.6-1 Open source implementation of the Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) speech codec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opencv 4.6.0-9 Open Source Computer Vision Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-opencv 4.6.0-9 Python bindings for OpenCV (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openexr 3.1.5-2 A high dynamic-range image file format library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openimageio A library for reading and writing images, including classes, utilities, and applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openjpeg2 2.5.0-2 An open source JPEG 2000 codec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openlibm 0.8.1-1 High quality system independent, portable, open source libm implementation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openmp 15.0.4-2 LLVM OpenMP Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openshadinglanguage Advanced shading language for production GI renderers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openslide 3.4.1-1 C library for reading virtual slide images (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openssl 1.1.1.s-1 The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openturns 1.20-1 Uncertainty treatment library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openvdb 10.0.0-1 OpenVDB is an open source C++ library comprising a novel hierarchical data structure and a large suite of tools for the efficient storage and manipulation of sparse volumetric data discretized on three-dimensional grids (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openvr 1.23.7-1 API and SDK that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-openxr-sdk 1.0.26-1 OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opus 1.3.1-5 Codec designed for interactive speech and audio transmission over the Internet (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-opusfile 0.12-2 Library for opening, seeking, and decoding .opus files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-orc 0.4.33-1 The Oild Runtime Compiler (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-osm-gps-map 1.2.0-2 A Gtk+ Widget for Displaying OpenStreetMap tiles. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-p11-kit 0.24.1-3 Library to work with PKCS#11 modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pango 1.50.12-1 A library for layout and rendering of text (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pango-docs 1.50.12-1 A library for layout and rendering of text (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pangomm 2.46.3-1 C++ bindings for pango (V2.46) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pangomm-2.48 2.50.1-1 C++ bindings for Pango (V2.48) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-partio 1.14.6-3 A library for particle IO and manipulation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pcre 8.45-1 A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pcre2 10.40-1 A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pdal 2.4.3-3 A C++ library for translating and manipulating point cloud data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pdcurses 4.3.5-1 Curses library on the Win32 API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-phodav 2.5-2 A WebDAV server using libsoup (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-phonon-qt5 4.11.1-2 Multimedia framework for KF5 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pixman 0.42.2-1 The pixel-manipulation library for X and cairo (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pkgconf 1~1.8.0-2 pkg-config compatible utility which does not depend on glib
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-plasma-framework-qt5 5.100.0-1 Plasma library and runtime components based upon KF5 and Qt5 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-png2ico 2002.12.08-3 Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-polly 15.0.4-1 Polly - Polyhedral optimizations for LLVM (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-poppler 22.07.0-2 PDF rendering library based on xpdf 3.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-poppler-qt5 22.07.0-2 Poppler Qt5 bindings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-poppler-qt6 22.07.0-2 Poppler Qt6 bindings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-poppler-data 0.4.11-1 Encoding data for the poppler PDF rendering library
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-popt 1.18-1 C library for parsing command line parameters (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-portablexdr 4.9.2.r27.94fb83c-4 PortableXDR / RPC Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-portaudio 1~19.7.0-4 A free, cross-platform, open source, audio I/O library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-portmidi 1~2.0.4-1 Cross-platform MIDI input/output library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-postgresql 15.1-1 Libraries for use with PostgreSQL (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-potrace 1.16-2 Tool for tracing a bitmap, which means, transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-proj 9.1.0-1 Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-protobuf 21.9-1 Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-protobuf-c 1.4.1-1 Protocol Buffers implementation in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ptex 2.4.2-1 Per-Face Texture Mapping for Production Rendering (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pugixml 1.13-1 Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pupnp 1.14.15-1 Portable SDK for UPnP* Devices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-putty 0.76-2 A free telnet/SSH client (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-putty-ssh 0.0-4 A wrapper around plink with some nice features (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pybind11 2.10.1-1 A lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pyqt-builder 1.14.0-1 The PEP 517 compliant PyQt build system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pyqt5-sip 12.11.0-1 The sip extension module provides support for the PyQt5 package (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pyside6 6.4.1-1 Enables the use of Qt6 APIs in Python applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-shiboken6 6.4.1-1 Generates bindings for C++ libraries using CPython source code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-pystring 1.1.3-2 A collection of C++ functions which match the interface and behavior of python's string class methods using std::string (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python 3.10.8-2 A high-level scripting language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-absl-py 1.3.0-1 Abseil Common Libraries (Python) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-aiosignal 1.3.1-1 A list of registered asynchronous callbacks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-aiosmtpd 1.4.2-1 aiosmtpd - asyncio based SMTP server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-anyio 3.6.2-1 High level compatibility layer for multiple asynchronous event loop implementations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-apipkg 3.0.1-2 Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-appdirs 1.4.4-3 A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir" (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-argcomplete 2.0.0-2 Easy, extensible command line tab completion of arguments for your Python script (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-arrow 1.2.3-1 Better dates & times for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-asgiref 3.5.2-1 Reference ASGI adapters and channel layers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-asn1crypto 1.5.1-2 Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-astroid 2.12.13-1 A common base representation of python source code for pylint and other projects (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-async-timeout 4.0.2-1 Asyncio-compatible timeout class (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-atomicwrites 1.4.1-1 Atomic file writes on POSIX (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-atpublic 3.1.1-1 Keep all y'all's __all__'s in sync (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-attrs 22.1.0-1 Attributes without boilerplate (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-autopage 0.5.1-1 A library to provide automatic paging for console output (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-babel 2.11.0-1 A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-backcall 0.2.0-3 Backwards compatible callback APIs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-bcrypt 4.0.1-2 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-beaker 1.11.0-3 Caching and sessions WSGI middleware for use with web applications and stand-alone Python scripts and applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-beautifulsoup4 4.11.1-1 A Python HTML/XML parser designed for quick turnaround projects like screen-scraping (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-binaryornot 0.4.4-3 Ultra-lightweight pure Python package to check if a file is binary or text. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-black 22.10.0-1 Uncompromising Python code formatter (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-bleach 5.0.1-1 An easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool (mingw-w64) 4.0-1 Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions and create custom boolean DSL. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-boto 2.49.0-1 Amazon Web Services Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-boto3 1.26.16-1 The AWS SDK for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-botocore 1.29.16-1 A low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-bottle 0.12.21-1 A fast and simple python micro-framework for small web-applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-breathe 4.34.0-1 An extension to reStructuredText and Sphinx to be able to read and render Doxygen xml output (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-build 0.9.0-1 A simple, correct PEP517 package builder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cachecontrol 0.12.12-1 httplib2 caching for requests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cachetools 5.2.0-1 Extensible memoizing collections and decorators (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cachy 0.3.0-1 Cachy provides a simple yet effective caching library. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cairo 1.22.0-1 Python bindings for the cairo graphics library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cattrs 22.2.0-1 Complex custom class converters for attrs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cerberus 1.3.4-4 Lightweight, extensible schema and data validation tool for Python dictionaries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-certifi 2022.9.24-1 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cffi 1.15.1-2 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cfgv 3.3.1-1 Validate configuration and produce human readable error messages. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-chardet 5.0.0-1 Python module for character encoding auto-detection (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-charset-normalizer 2.1.1-1 A library that helps you read text from an unknown charset encoding
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cleo 1.0.0a5-1 Cleo allows you to create beautiful and testable command-line interfaces. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-click 8.1.3-2 A simple wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cliff 4.1.0-1 Command Line Interface Formulation Framewor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-clikit 0.6.2-1 Some package (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cloudpickle 2.2.0-1 Extended pickling support for Python objects (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cloup 2.0.0.post1-1 Option groups and subcommand help sections for pallets/click (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cmd2 2.4.2-2 Extra features for standard library's cmd module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-colorama 0.4.6-1 Python API for cross-platform colored terminal text (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-comm 0.1.1-1 Jupyter Python Comm implementation, for usage in ipykernel, xeus-python etc. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-conan 1.54.0-1 A distributed, open source, C/C++ package manager (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-configargparse 1.5.3-2 A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows options to also be set via config files and/or environment variables (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-contextlib2 21.6.0-2 contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library’s contextlib module to earlier Python versions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cookiecutter 2.1.1-2 A command-line utility that creates projects from project templates, e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-coverage 6.5.0-1 Code coverage measurement for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cppy 1.2.1-1 A collection of C++ headers which make it easier to write Python C extension modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-crashtest 0.3.1-1 Manage Python errors with ease (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-crcmod 1.7-3 Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) implementation in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cryptography 38.0.3-2 A package designed to expose cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cssselect 1.2.0-1 A Python library that parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-csv23 0.3.4-1 Python 2/3 unicode CSV compatibility layer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-cycler 0.11.0-2 Composable style cycles (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-dateutil 2.8.2-3 Provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ddt 1.6.0-1 Data-Driven/Decorated Tests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-debtcollector 2.5.0-2 A collection of Python deprecation patterns and strategies that help you collect your technical debt in a non-destructive manner (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-debugpy 1.6.3-1 An implementation of the Debug Adapter Protocol for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-decorator 5.1.1-2 Python Decorator module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-deprecated 1.2.13-2 Python @deprecated decorator to deprecate old python classes, functions or methods (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-deprecation 2.1.0-1 A library to handle automated deprecations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-dill 0.3.6-1 Serialize all of python (almost) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-distlib 0.3.6-1 Low-level components of distutils2/packaging (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-distro 1.8.0-1 Distro - an OS platform information API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-dnspython 1.16.0-3 A DNS toolkit for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-docutils 0.18.1-3 Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into formats such as HTML, XML, or LaTeX (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-dulwich 0.20.50-1 Python Git Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-editables 0.3-2 A Python library for creating editable wheels (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-editor 1.0.4-3 Programmatically open an editor, capture the result (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-elastic-transport 8.4.0-1 Transport classes and utilities shared among Python Elastic client libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-elasticsearch 8.5.2-1 Python client for Elasticsearch (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-email-validator 1.3.0-1 A robust email syntax and deliverability validation library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-entrypoints 0.4-3 Discover and load entry points from installed packages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-exceptiongroup 1.0.4-1 Backport of PEP 654 (exception groups) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-execnet 1.9.0-3 Rapid multi-Python deployment (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-extras 1.0.0-3 Useful extra bits for Python - things that should be in the standard library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-faker 15.3.3-1 Faker generates fake data for you (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-fasteners 0.18-1 A python package that provides useful locks. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-fastjsonschema 2.16.2-1 Fast JSON schema validator for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-filelock 3.8.0-1 A platform independent file lock (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-fixtures 4.0.1-2 Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flake8 6.0.0-1 The modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flask 2.2.2-1 Micro webdevelopment framework for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flexmock 0.11.3-2 Mock/Stub/Spy library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flit 3.8.0-1 Simplified packaging of Python modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flit-core 3.8.0-1 Simplified packaging of Python modules (core backend) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-flit-scm 1.7.0-1 A PEP 518 build backend that uses setuptools_scm to generate a version file from your version control system, then flit to build the package. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-fonttools 4.38.0-1 Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ford 6.1.17-1 FORD, standing for FORtran Documenter, is an automatic documentation generator for modern Fortran programs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-freezegun 1.2.1-2 Let your Python tests travel through time (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-frozenlist 1.3.3-1 A list-like structure which implements (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-func-timeout 4.3.5-2 Python module which allows you to specify timeouts when calling any existing function, and support for stoppable threads (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-funcsigs 1.0.2-4 Python function signatures from PEP362 for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.3+
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-future 0.18.2-4 Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-gast 0.5.3-2 AST that abstracts the underlying Python version (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin 3.0-1 Auth plugin allowing use the use of OAuth 2.0 credentials for Google Cloud Storage in the Boto library. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-glcontext 2.3.7-1 Portable OpenGL Context (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-gobject 3.42.1-4 Python bindings for GLib/GObject/GIO/GTK+ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-google-apitools 0.5.32-1 client libraries for humans (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-google-auth 2.14.1-1 Google Authentication Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-google-reauth 0.1.1-1 Google Reauth Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-googleapis-common-protos 1.57.0-1 Python classes generated from the common protos in the googleapis repository (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-graphviz 0.20.1-1 Simple Python interface for Graphviz (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-gsutil 5.16-1 A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hacking 5.0.0-2 OpenStack Hacking Guideline Enforcement (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hatch-fancy-pypi-readme 22.8.0-1 Fancy PyPI READMEs with Hatch (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hatch-nodejs-version 0.3.1-1 Hatch plugin for versioning from a package.json file (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hatch-vcs 0.2.0-2 Hatch plugin for versioning with your preferred VCS (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hatchling 1.11.1-1 A modern project, package, and virtual env manager (backend) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-html5lib 1.1-3 A Python HTML parser/tokenizer based on the WHATWG HTML5 spec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-httplib2 0.21.0-1 Comprehensive HTTP client library, supporting many features (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-httpretty 1.1.4-2 HTTP client mock for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hunter 3.5.1-2 Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-hypothesis 6.58.1-1 Advanced Quickcheck style testing library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-identify 2.5.9-1 File identification library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-idna 3.4-1 Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ifaddr 0.2.0-1 Enumerates all IP addresses on all network adapters of the system. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-imagecodecs 2022.9.26-2 Image transformation, compression, and decompression codecs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-imageio 2.22.4-1 Python library for reading and writing a wide range of image, video, scientific, and volumetric data formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-imagesize 1.4.1-1 Getting image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif file (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-importlib-metadata 5.1.0-1 Read metadata from Python packages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-inflect 6.0.2-1 Python module to correctly generate plurals, ordinals, indefinite articles; convert numbers to words (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-influxdb 5.3.1-2 Python client for InfluxDB
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-iniconfig 1.1.1-3 brain-dead simple config-ini parsing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-installer 0.5.1-2 A low-level library for installing from a Python wheel distribution (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-intervaltree 3.1.0-3 Library providing a mutable, self-balancing interval tree for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ipython 7.33.0-3 An enhanced Interactive Python shell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ipywidgets 7.7.1-1 IPython widgets for the Jupyter Notebook (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-iso8601 1.1.0-1 Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-isodate 0.6.1-2 An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-isort 5.10.1-3 A Python utility / library to sort Python imports (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-itsdangerous 2.1.2-2 Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.classes 3.2.2-1 Utility functions for Python class constructs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.context 4.1.1-2 Context managers by jaraco (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.envs 2.4.0-1 Classes for orchestrating Python (virtual) environments (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.functools 3.5.0-2 Functools like those found in stdlib (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.itertools 6.2.1-2 Jaraco Itertools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jaraco.path 3.4.0-2 miscellaneous path functions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jedi 0.18.2-1 Awesome autocompletion for python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jellyfish 0.9.0-3 A python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jinja 3.1.2-2 A simple pythonic template language written in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jinja2-time 0.2.0-3 Jinja2 Extension for Dates and Times (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jmespath 1.0.1-1 A query language for JSON (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jsonpointer 2.3-1 Identify specific nodes in a JSON document (RFC 6901) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-jsonschema 4.17.1-1 An implementation of JSON Schema validation for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-keyring 23.11.0-1 Provides an easy way to access the system keyring service (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-kiwisolver 1.4.4-1 A fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-lark-parser 1.1.4-1 A modern parsing library. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-lazy-object-proxy 1.8.0-1 A fast and thorough lazy object proxy (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-lhafile 0.3.0-2 LHA module for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-license-expression 30.0.0-1 comprehensive utility library to parse, compare, simplify and normalize license expressions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-lockfile 0.12.2-4 Platform-independent file locking module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-lxml 4.9.1-1 Python binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mako 1.2.4-1 A super-fast templating language that borrows the best ideas from the existing templating languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-manhole 1.8.0-2 Debugging manhole for python applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-markdown 3.4.1-2 Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-markdown-include 0.8.0-1 Provides syntax for Python-Markdown which allows for the inclusion of the contents of other Markdown documents (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-markdown-math 0.8-2 Math extension for Python-Markdown (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-markups 3.1.3-2 Wrapper around various text markups (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-markupsafe 2.1.1-2 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-matplotlib-inline 0.1.6-1 Inline Matplotlib backend for Jupyter (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mccabe 0.7.0-1 McCabe complexity checker for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mistune 2.0.4-1 The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer feature (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mock 4.0.3-3 Rolling backport of unittest.mock for all Pythons (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-monotonic 1.6-2 An implementation of time.monotonic() for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-more-itertools 9.0.0-1 More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mox3 1.1.0-2 Mock object framework for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-msgpack 1.0.4-1 MessagePack serializer implementation for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-multidict 6.0.2-2 Asyncio-based multidict implementation for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-multiprocess 0.70.14-1 better multiprocessing and multithreading in python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-mypy_extensions 0.4.3-3 Experimental type system extensions for programs checked with the mypy typechecker (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ndg-httpsclient 0.5.1-4 Provides enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-nest-asyncio 1.5.6-1 Patch asyncio to allow nested event loops (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-netaddr 0.8.0-2 Pure Python network address representation and manipulation library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-netifaces 0.11.0-3 Portable module to access network interface information in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-networkx 2.8.8-1 High-productivity software for complex networks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-node-semver 0.8.1-1 Python version of node-semver (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-nodeenv 1.7.0-1 Node.js virtual environment builder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-nose 1.3.7-5 A discovery-based unittest extension (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-nuitka 1.2.3-1 Python to native compiler (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-numexpr 2.8.4-1 Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python, NumPy, PyTables, pandas (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-numpy 1.23.5-1 Scientific tools for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-numpydoc 1.5.0-1 Sphinx extensions for Numpy (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oauth2client 4.1.3-3 A client library for OAuth 2.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oauthlib 3.2.2-1 A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ordered-set 4.1.0-2 An OrderedSet is a mutable data structure that is a hybrid of a list and a set(mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-concurrency 5.0.1-1 OpenStack library for all concurrency-related code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-config 9.0.0-1 parsing command line arguments and .ini style configuration files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-context 5.0.0-1 OpenStack Context library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-i18n 5.1.0-2 Oslo i18n library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-log 5.0.2-1 Oslo Logging Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-serialization 5.0.0-1 Oslo Serialization library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslo-utils 6.1.0-1 Oslo Utility library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-oslotest 4.5.0-2 Oslo test framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-packaging 21.3-3 Core utilities for Python packages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pallets-sphinx-themes 2.0.2-1 Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pandocfilters 1.5.0-2 A python module for writing pandoc filters (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-parso 0.8.3-2 Python parser that supports error recovery and round-trip parsing for different Python versions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pastel 0.2.1-1 Bring colors to your terminal. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-patch-ng 1.17.4-1 Python library to parse and apply unified diffs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-path 16.5.0-1 File system based database that uses python pickles (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pathspec 0.10.2-1 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-patsy 0.5.3-1 A Python package for describing statistical models and for building design matrices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pbr 5.11.0-1 Python Build Reasonableness (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pdm-pep517 1.0.6-1 A PEP 517 backend for PDM that supports PEP 621 metadata (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pefile 2022.5.30-2 Python PE parsing module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pep517 0.13.0-1 Wrappers to build Python packages using PEP 517 hooks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pexpect 4.8.0-3 For controlling and automating applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pickleshare 0.7.5-3 File system based database that uses python pickles (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pillow 9.3.0-1 Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork Python3 version (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pip 22.3.1-1 The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pipenv 2022.11.25-1 Python Development Workflow for Humans.
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pkginfo 1.8.3-1 Query metadatdata from sdists / bdists / installed packages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-platformdirs 2.5.4-1 A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pluggy 1.0.0-2 Plugin and hook calling mechanisms for python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pluginbase 1.0.1-1 Python library that enables the development of flexible plugin systems (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ply 3.11-3 Implementation of lex and yacc parsing tools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-poetry 1.2.2-1 Python dependency management and packaging made easy (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-poetry-core 1.3.2-1 Poetry PEP 517 Build Backend (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-poetry-plugin-export 1.2.0-1 Poetry plugin to export the dependencies to various formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pooch 1.6.0-2 Python library for fetching and caching data files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pre-commit 2.20.0-1 A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-prettytable 3.5.0-1 A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-prometheus-client 0.15.0-1 Prometheus instrumentation library for Python applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-prompt_toolkit 3.0.33-1 Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-protobuf 4.21.9-1 Protocol Buffers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-psutil 5.9.4-1 A cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-psycopg2 2.9.5-1 A PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ptyprocess 0.7.0-3 Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-purl 1.6-3 An immutable URL class for easy URL-building and manipulation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-py 1.11.0-2 library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-py-cpuinfo 9.0.0-1 Get CPU info with pure Python 2 & 3 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyasn1 0.4.8-3 ASN.1 types and codecs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyasn1-modules 0.2.8-3 A collection of ASN.1-based protocols modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pycodestyle 2.10.0-1 Python style guide checker (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pycountry 22.3.5-2 ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script definitions and their translations
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pycparser 2.21-2 Complete parser of the C language, written in pure Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pydantic 1.10.2-1 Data validation and settings management using python type hints (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyelftools 0.29-1 Python library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyfilesystem2 2.4.16-1 Python's filesystem abstraction layer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyflakes 3.0.1-1 A lint-like tool for Python to identify common errors quickly without executing code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyglet 2.0.0-1 A cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pygments 2.13.0-1 Python syntax highlighter (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pygments-github-lexers 0.0.5-2 Pygments Github custom lexers. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyjwt 2.6.0-1 JSON Web Token implementation in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pylev 1.4.0-1 A pure Python Levenshtein implementation that's not freaking GPL'd. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pylint 2.15.6-1 Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyopenssl 22.1.0-2 Python wrapper module around the OpenSSL library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyparsing 3.0.9-3 General parsing module for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyperclip 1.8.2-3 A cross-platform clipboard module for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyqt5 5.15.7-2 Qt5 bindings for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyqt6 6.4.0-1 Python bindings for the Qt cross platform application toolkit (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyqt6-sip 13.4.0-1 The sip module support for PyQt6 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyreadline3 3.4.1-3 A python implementation of GNU readline (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyrsistent 0.19.2-1 Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyserial 3.5-2 Multiplatform Serial Port Module for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyspnego 0.6.3-1 Windows Negotiate Authentication Client and Server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pystemmer 2.0.1-2 Snowball stemming algorithms, for information retrieval (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest 7.2.0-1 simple powerful testing with Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-asyncio 0.20.2-1 Pytest support for asyncio (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-benchmark 4.0.0-1 A py.test fixture for benchmarking code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-black 0.3.12-4 A pytest plugin to enable format checking with black (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-checkdocs 2.9.0-1 check the README when running tests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-cov 4.0.0-1 py.test plugin for coverage reporting with support for both centralised and distributed testing, including subprocesses and multiprocessing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-enabler 2.0.0-1 Enable installed pytest plugins (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-fixture-config 1.7.0-3 Fixture configuration utils for py.test (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-flake8 1.1.1-2 pytest plugin to check FLAKE8 requirements (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-forked 1.4.0-3 run tests in isolated forked subprocesses (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-isort 3.1.0-1 pytest plugin to perform isort checks (import ordering) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-localserver 0.7.0-1 py.test plugin to test server connections locally (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-mock 3.10.0-1 Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-runner 6.0.0-2 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-shutil 1.7.0-5 A goodie-bag of unix shell and environment tools for py.test (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-timeout 2.1.0-2 py.test plugin to abort hanging tests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-virtualenv 1.7.0-4 Virtualenv fixture for py.test (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytest-xdist 3.0.2-1 py.test xdist plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytoolconfig 1.2.2-1 Python tool configuration (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pytz 2022.6-1 Cross platform time zone library for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyu2f 0.1.5-2 pyu2f is a python based U2F host library for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It provides functionality for interacting with a U2F device over USB (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pywavelets 1.4.1-1 Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pywin32-ctypes 0.2.0-2 A reimplementation of pywin32 that is pure python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyzmq 24.0.1-1 Python bindings for zeromq, written in Cython (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-pyzopfli 0.2.2-1 Python bindings for the Zopfli compressor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-rawpy 0.17.3-1 RAW image processing for Python, a wrapper for libraw (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-rdflib 6.2.0-1 A Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-regex 2022.10.31-1 Alternative python regular expression module. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests 2.28.1-1 Requests is the only Non-GMO HTTP library for Python, safe for human consumption (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests-kerberos 0.14.0-4 A kerberos of useful classes and functions to be used with python-requests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests-mock 1.10.0-1 A mock of useful classes and functions to be used with python-requests. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests-oauthlib 1.3.1-2 "First-class OAuth library support for Requests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests-toolbelt 0.9.1-1 A utility belt for advanced users of python-requests (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-requests-unixsocket 0.3.0-3 Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-resolvelib 0.9.0-1 Resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-retry-decorator 1.1.1-1 Retry Decorator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-retrying 1.3.3-3 A general purpose Python retyring library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-rfc3986 2.0.0-2 Validating URI References per RFC 3986 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-rope 1.5.1-1 A python refactoring library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-rsa 4.9-1 Pure-Python RSA implementation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ruamel-yaml 0.17.21-2 YAML parser/emitter that supports roundtrip preservation of comments, seq/map flow style, and map key order (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ruamel.yaml.clib 0.2.6-2 C version of reader, parser and emitter for ruamel.yaml derived from libyaml (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-s3transfer 0.6.0-1 Amazon S3 Transfer Manager for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-scandir 1.10.0-4 A better directory iterator and faster os.walk() (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-screeninfo 0.8.1-1 Fetch location and size of physical screens. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-semantic-version 2.10.0-1 A library implementing the 'SemVer' scheme (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setproctitle 1.3.1-1 A Python module to customize the process title (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setuptools 65.6.3-1 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setuptools-git 1.2-3 Setuptools revision control system plugin for Git (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setuptools-rust 1.5.2-1 Compile and distribute Python extensions written in rust as easily as if they were written in C (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setuptools-scm 7.0.5-1 Handles managing your python package versions in scm metadata (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-setuptools-scm-git-archive 1.4-1 setuptools_scm plugin for git archives (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-shellingham 1.5.0-1 Tool to Detect Surrounding Shell (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-singledispatch 3.7.0-2 Backport functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sip4 4.19.25-5 Python 3.x SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sip4 4.19.25-5 A tool that makes it easy to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-six 1.16.0-3 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-slugify 7.0.0-1 A Python Slugify application that handles Unicode (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-smartypants 2.0.1-4 Python with the SmartyPants (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sniffio 1.3.0-1 Sniff out which async library your code is running under (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-snowballstemmer 2.2.0-2 Snowball stemming library collection for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sortedcontainers 2.4.0-3 Python Sorted Container Types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sounddevice 0.4.5-1 Play and Record Sound with Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-soupsieve 2.3.2.post1-1 A CSS4 selector implementation for Beautiful Soup (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx 5.3.0-1 Python documentation generator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx-alabaster-theme 0.7.12-3 Modified Kr Sphinx doc theme (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx-copybutton 0.5.1-1 Sphinx extension to add a "copy" button to code blocks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx-issues 3.0.1-1 Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx-tabs 3.4.1-1 Tabbed views for Sphinx (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinx_rtd_theme 1.1.1-1 Python Sphinx Read The Docs Theme (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-applehelp 1.0.2-3 Sphinx extension which outputs Apple help books (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-devhelp 1.0.2-3 Sphinx extension which outputs Devhelp document (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-github-alt 1.2-3 Link to GitHub issues, pull requests, commits and users from Sphinx docs. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp 2.0.0-3 Sphinx extension which renders HTML help files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-jsmath 1.0.1-3 Sphinx extension which renders display math in HTML via JavaScript (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet 1.0.1-1 Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-moderncmakedomain 3.25.0-1 Sphinx Domain for Modern CMake (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-qthelp 1.0.3-3 Sphinx extension which outputs QtHelp document (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml 1.1.5-3 Sphinx extension which outputs serialized HTML files (json and pickle) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter 1.2.1-1 Sphinx SVG to PDF converter extension (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sqlitedict 2.0.0-2 Persistent dict, backed by sqlite3 and pickle, multithread-safe (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-sqlparse 0.4.3-1 Non-validating SQL parser for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-stestr 4.0.1-1 A test runner runner similar to testrepository (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-stevedore 4.1.1-1 Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-structlog 22.3.0-1 Structured Logging for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-subunit 1.4.2-1 Python implementation of subunit test streaming protocol (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tabulate 0.9.0-1 Pretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-termcolor 2.1.1-1 ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-testrepository 0.0.20-4 A repository of test results. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-testresources 2.0.1-3 Testresources, a pyunit extension for managing expensive test resources (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-testscenarios 0.5.0-4 Testscenarios, a pyunit extension for dependency injection (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-testtools 2.5.0-2 Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-text-unidecode 1.3-3 The most basic Text::Unidecode port (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tifffile 2022.10.10-1 Read and write image data from and to TIFF files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tinyaes 1.0.4-1 tiny-AES-c wrapper in Cython (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-toml 0.10.2-3 A Python library for parsing and creating TOML (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tomli 2.0.1-5 A lil' TOML parser (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tomli-w 1.0.0-2 A lil' TOML writer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tomlkit 0.11.6-1 Style preserving TOML library. (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-toposort 1.7-1 Implements a topological sort algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tornado 6.2.0-1 open source version of the scalable, non-blocking web server and tools (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tox 3.27.1-1 Python virtualenv management and testing tool (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tqdm 4.64.1-1 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-traitlets 5.5.0-1 A lightweight Traits like module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-trustme 0.9.0-2 Library for fake certificate authority (CA) to generate fake TLS certs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-typed_ast 1.5.4-2 Modified fork of CPython's ast module that parses comments (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-typing_extensions 4.4.0-1 Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 3.5+ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-typogrify 2.0.7-4 Filters to enhance web typography, including support for Django & Jinja templates (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-tzdata 2022.6-1 Python package wrapping the IANA time zone database (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-u-msgpack 2.7.2-1 portable, lightweight MessagePack serializer and deserializer for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-udsoncan 1.15-1 Implementation of the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) protocol defined by ISO-14229 written in Python 3 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ufolib2 0.14.0-1 A library to deal with UFO font sources (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ujson 5.5.0-1 Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-ukpostcodeparser 1.1.2-3 UK Postcode parser (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-urllib3 1.26.13-1 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling and file post support (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-versioningit 2.1.0-1 Versioning It with your Version In Git (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-virtualenv 20.16.7-1 Virtual Python Environment builder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-virtualenv-clone 0.5.7-2 A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv.
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-voluptuous 0.13.1-1 A Python data validation library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-wcag-contrast-ratio 0.9-2 Library for computing contrast ratios, as required by WCAG 2.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-wcwidth 0.2.5-3 Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-webcolors 1.12-2 A library for working with color names and color value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications for use in documents on the Web (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-webencodings 0.5.1-3 This is a Python implementation of the WHATWG Encoding standard (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-websocket-client 1.4.2-1 websocket client for python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-werkzeug 2.2.2-1 Swiss Army knife of Python web development (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-wheel 0.38.4-1 A built-package format for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-winkerberos 0.9.1-1 High level interface to SSPI for Kerberos client auth (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-wrapt 1.14.1-2 A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-xlsxwriter 3.0.3-2 A Python module for creating Excel XLSL files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-yaml 6.0-2 Python bindings for YAML, using fast libYAML library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-yarl 1.8.1-1 Yet another URL library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-zeroconf 0.39.4-1 A pure python implementation of multicast DNS service discovery
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-zipp 3.11.0-1 Pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-zope.event 4.5.0-2 Very basic event publishing system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-python-zstandard 0.19.0-1 Python bindings to the Zstandard (zstd) compression library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qca-qt5 2.3.5-1 Qt Cryptographic Architecture (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qhull 2020.2-2 A general dimension code for computing convex hulls and related structures (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt-creator 9.0.0-1 Cross-platform IDE (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-activeqt 5.15.7-1 Qt5 ActiveQt Module - ActiveX components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-activeqt-debug 5.15.7-1 Qt5 ActiveQt Module - ActiveX components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-base 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-base-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-charts 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Provides a set of easy to use chart components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-charts-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Provides a set of easy to use chart components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-declarative 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-declarative-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-location 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Provides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-location-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Provides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quick3d 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Qt module and API for defining 3D content in Qt Quick (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quick3d-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Qt module and API for defining 3D content in Qt Quick (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-script 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Classes for making Qt applications scriptable. Provided for Qt 4.x compatibility (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-script-debug 5.15.7+kde+r257-1 Classes for making Qt applications scriptable. Provided for Qt 4.x compatibility (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-connectivity 5.15.7+kde+r5-1 Provides access to Bluetooth hardware (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-connectivity-debug 5.15.7+kde+r5-1 Provides access to Bluetooth hardware (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-doc 5.15.5-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Documentation) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-gamepad 5.15.7-1 Adds support for getting events from gamepad devices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-gamepad-debug 5.15.7-1 Adds support for getting events from gamepad devices (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-graphicaleffects 5.15.7-1 Graphical effects for use with Qt Quick 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-graphicaleffects-debug 5.15.7-1 Graphical effects for use with Qt Quick 2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-imageformats 5.15.7-1 Plugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, TGA, WBMP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-imageformats-debug 5.15.7-1 Plugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, TGA, WBMP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-lottie 5.15.7-1 A family of player software for a certain json-based file format for describing 2d vector graphics animations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-lottie-debug 5.15.7-1 A family of player software for a certain json-based file format for describing 2d vector graphics animations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-multimedia 5.15.7-1 Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-multimedia-debug 5.15.7-1 Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-networkauth 5.15.7-1 Network authentication module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-networkauth-debug 5.15.7-1 Network authentication module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-purchasing 5.15.7-1 Qt In-App Purchasing API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-purchasing-debug 5.15.7-1 Qt In-App Purchasing API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quickcontrols 5.15.7-1 Reusable Qt Quick based UI controls to create classic desktop-style user interfaces (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quickcontrols-debug 5.15.7-1 Reusable Qt Quick based UI controls to create classic desktop-style user interfaces (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quickcontrols2 5.15.7+kde+r5-1 Next generation user interface controls based on Qt Quick (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quickcontrols2-debug 5.15.7+kde+r5-1 Next generation user interface controls based on Qt Quick (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quicktimeline 5.15.7-1 Qt module for keyframe-based timeline construction (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-quicktimeline-debug 5.15.7-1 Qt module for keyframe-based timeline construction (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-remoteobjects 5.15.7-1 Inter-process communication (IPC) module developed for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-remoteobjects-debug 5.15.7-1 Inter-process communication (IPC) module developed for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-scxml 5.15.7-1 Static and runtime integration of SCXML models into Qt code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-scxml-debug 5.15.7-1 Static and runtime integration of SCXML models into Qt code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-sensors 5.15.7-1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-sensors-debug 5.15.7-1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-serialbus 5.15.7-1 Qt module for general purpose serial bus access (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-serialbus-debug 5.15.7-1 Qt module for general purpose serial bus access (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-serialport 5.15.7-1 Provides access to hardware and virtual serial ports (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-serialport-debug 5.15.7-1 Provides access to hardware and virtual serial ports (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-speech 5.15.7+kde+r1-1 Qt module to make text to speech and speech recognition easy (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-speech-debug 5.15.7+kde+r1-1 Qt module to make text to speech and speech recognition easy (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-svg 5.15.7+kde+r9-1 Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-svg-debug 5.15.7+kde+r9-1 Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-tools 5.15.7-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-tools-debug 5.15.7-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-translations 5.15.7-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Translations) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-virtualkeyboard 5.15.7-1 Virtual keyboard framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-virtualkeyboard-debug 5.15.7-1 Virtual keyboard framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webchannel 5.15.7+kde+r3-1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webchannel-debug 5.15.7+kde+r3-1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webglplugin 5.15.7-1 QPA plugin for running an application via a browser using streamed WebGL commands (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webglplugin-debug 5.15.7-1 QPA plugin for running an application via a browser using streamed WebGL commands (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-websockets 5.15.7+kde+r2-1 Provides WebSocket communication compliant with RFC 6455 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-websockets-debug 5.15.7+kde+r2-1 Provides WebSocket communication compliant with RFC 6455 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webview 5.15.7-1 Provides a way to display web content in a QML application (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-webview-debug 5.15.7-1 Provides a way to display web content in a QML application (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-winextras 5.15.7-1 Provides platform-specific APIs for Windows (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-winextras-debug 5.15.7-1 Provides platform-specific APIs for Windows (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-xmlpatterns 5.15.7-1 Support for XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML schema validation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt5-xmlpatterns-debug 5.15.7-1 Support for XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML schema validation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-3d 6.4.1-1 C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-3d-debug 6.4.1-1 C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-5compat 6.4.1-1 Module that contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-5compat-debug 6.4.1-1 Module that contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-activeqt 6.4.1-1 Qt5 ActiveQt Module - ActiveX components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-activeqt-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt5 ActiveQt Module - ActiveX components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-base 6.4.1-2 A cross-platform application and UI framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-base-debug 6.4.1-2 A cross-platform application and UI framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-charts 6.4.1-1 Provides a set of easy to use chart components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-charts-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides a set of easy to use chart components (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-connectivity 6.4.1-1 Provides access to Bluetooth hardware (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-connectivity-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides access to Bluetooth hardware (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-datavis3d 6.4.1-1 Qt6 Data Visualization module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-datavis3d-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt6 Data Visualization module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-declarative 6.4.1-1 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-declarative-debug 6.4.1-1 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-doc 6.4.1-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Documentation) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-httpserver 6.4.1-1 Qt HTTP Server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-httpserver-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt HTTP Server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-imageformats 6.4.1-1 Plugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, TGA, WBMP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-imageformats-debug 6.4.1-1 Plugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, TGA, WBMP (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-languageserver 6.4.1-1 Qt Language Server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-languageserver-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt Language Server (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-lottie 6.4.1-1 A family of player software for a certain json-based file format for describing 2d vector graphics animations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-lottie-debug 6.4.1-1 A family of player software for a certain json-based file format for describing 2d vector graphics animations (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-multimedia 6.4.1-1 Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-multimedia-debug 6.4.1-1 Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-networkauth 6.4.1-1 Network authentication module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-networkauth-debug 6.4.1-1 Network authentication module (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-positioning 6.4.1-1 Provides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-positioning-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quick3d 6.4.1-1 Qt module and API for defining 3D content in Qt Quick (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quick3d-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt module and API for defining 3D content in Qt Quick (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quicktimeline 6.4.1-1 Qt module for keyframe-based timeline construction (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quicktimeline-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt module for keyframe-based timeline construction (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-remoteobjects 6.4.1-1 Inter-process communication (IPC) module developed for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-remoteobjects-debug 6.4.1-1 Inter-process communication (IPC) module developed for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-scxml 6.4.1-1 Static and runtime integration of SCXML models into Qt6 code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-scxml-debug 6.4.1-1 Static and runtime integration of SCXML models into Qt6 code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-sensors 6.4.1-1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-sensors-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-serialbus 6.4.1-1 Qt module for general purpose serial bus access (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-serialbus-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt module for general purpose serial bus access (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-serialport 6.4.1-1 Provides access to hardware and virtual serial ports (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-serialport-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides access to hardware and virtual serial ports (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-shadertools 6.4.1-1 Experimental module providing APIs and a host tool to host tool to perform graphics and compute shader conditioning for the upcoming Qt graphics abstraction layer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-shadertools-debug 6.4.1-1 Experimental module providing APIs and a host tool to host tool to perform graphics and compute shader conditioning for the upcoming Qt graphics abstraction layer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-speech 6.4.1-1 Qt Speech Libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-speech-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt Speech Libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-svg 6.4.1-1 Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-svg-debug 6.4.1-1 Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-tools 6.4.1-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-tools-debug 6.4.1-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-translations 6.4.1-1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Translations) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-virtualkeyboard 6.4.1-1 Virtual keyboard framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-virtualkeyboard-debug 6.4.1-1 Virtual keyboard framework (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-webchannel 6.4.1-1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-webchannel-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript clients (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-websockets 6.4.1-1 Provides WebSocket communication compliant with RFC 6455 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-websockets-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides WebSocket communication compliant with RFC 6455 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-webview 6.4.1-1 Provides a way to display web content in a QML application (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-webview-debug 6.4.1-1 Provides a way to display web content in a QML application (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qtbinpatcher 2.2.0-5 Patcher for Qt libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qwt-qt5 6.2.0-7 Qt Widgets for Technical Applications - Qt5 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qwt-qt6 6.2.0-7 Qt Widgets for Technical Applications - Qt6 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ragel 6.10-1 Compiles finite state machines from regular languages into executable C, C++, Objective-C, or D code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-range-v3 0.12.0-1 Experimental range library for C++11/14/17 (mingw-w64).
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rapidjson 1.1.0-5 A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-raylib 4.2.0-1 Simple and easy-to-use game programming library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-re2 20220601-2 Fast, safe, thread-friendly regular expression engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-readline 8.2.001-2 MinGW port of readline for editing typed command lines (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-recode 3.7.12-1 Converts files between various character sets and usages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rhash 1.4.3-1 Great utility for computing hash sums (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ripgrep 13.0.0-1 line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-robin-map 1.0.1-1 C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rocksdb 7.7.3-1 Embedded key-value store for fast storage (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rrdtool 1.8.0-3 Round Robin Database (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rtaudio 5.2.0-1 A set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio input/output (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rtmidi 5.0.0-2 A set of C++ classes that provides a common API for realtime MIDI input/output (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rtmpdump-git r514.c5f04a5-4 A tool to download rtmp streams (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rust 1.65.0-2 Systems programming language focused on safety, speed and concurrency (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-rust-docs 1.65.0-2 Documentation for the Rust programming language
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-samtools 1.16.1-1 tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sassc 3.6.2-1 C implementation of Sass CSS preprocessor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-scc 3.1.0-1 Sloc, Cloc and Code: a very fast accurate code counter with complexity calculations and COCOMO estimates written in pure Go (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-schroedinger 1.0.11-6 An implemenation of the Dirac video codec in ANSI C code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-scour 0.38.2-3 An SVG scrubber (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sed 4.8-2 Sed is a stream editor (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-serd 0.30.16-1 C library for RDF syntax supporting reading/ writing Turtle and NTriples (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sfcgal 1.4.1-1 Wrapper around CGAL that intents to implement 2D and 3D operations on OGC standards models (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-shaderc 2022.3-2 Collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-shared-mime-info 2.2-1 Shared MIME Info (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sip 6.7.5-1 A tool that makes it easy to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-snappy 1.1.9-2 A fast compressor/decompressor library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-solid-qt5 5.100.0-1 Hardware integration and detection (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sonnet-qt5 5.100.0-1 Spell checking framework for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sord 0.16.14-1 A lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-soundtouch 2.3.1-1 An audio processing library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-speex 1.2.1-1 A free codec for free speech (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-speexdsp 1.2.1-1 DSP library derived from Speex (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spice 0.15.0-3 SPICE: Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spice-gtk 0.41-2 GTK3 widget for SPICE clients (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spice-protocol 0.14.4-1 SPICE protocol headers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spirv-cross 1~ A tool and library for parsing and converting SPIR-V to other shader languages (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spirv-headers 1~ Machine-readable files for the SPIR-V Registry (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spirv-llvm-translator 15.0.0-1 Tool and a library for bi-directional translation between SPIR-V and LLVM IR (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-spirv-tools 2022.4-1 API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sqlite-docs 3.40.0-1 A C library that implements an SQL database engine (mingw-w64) (documentation)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sqlite3 3.40.0-1 A C library that implements an SQL database engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-sratom 0.6.14-1 A C library for serializing LV2 atoms to and from RDF (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-srt 1.5.1-1 Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-stb r2129.8b5f1f3-1 single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries for C/C++
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-suitesparse 5.13.0-1 A suite of sparse matrix algorithms (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-superlu 5.3.0-2 Sparse direct linear solver (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-swig 4.0.2-4 Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-syndication-qt5 5.100.0-1 RSS/Atom parser library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-syntax-highlighting-qt5 5.100.0-1 Syntax highlighting library using Kate's syntax rules (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-taglib 1.13-1 A Library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular audio formats (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tbb 2021.7.0-2 oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tcl 8.6.12-1 The Tcl scripting language (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-termcap 1.3.1-6 Terminal feature database (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-afr 4.1.0-2 (afr) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-amh 4.1.0-2 (amh) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ara 4.1.0-2 (ara) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-asm 4.1.0-2 (asm) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-aze 4.1.0-2 (aze) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-aze_cyrl 4.1.0-2 (aze_cyrl) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-bel 4.1.0-2 (bel) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ben 4.1.0-2 (ben) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-bod 4.1.0-2 (bod) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-bos 4.1.0-2 (bos) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-bre 4.1.0-2 (bre) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-bul 4.1.0-2 (bul) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-cat 4.1.0-2 (cat) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ceb 4.1.0-2 (ceb) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ces 4.1.0-2 (ces) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-chi_sim 4.1.0-2 (chi_sim) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-chi_sim_vert 4.1.0-2 (chi_sim_vert) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-chi_tra 4.1.0-2 (chi_tra) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-chi_tra_vert 4.1.0-2 (chi_tra_vert) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-chr 4.1.0-2 (chr) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-cos 4.1.0-2 (cos) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-cym 4.1.0-2 (cym) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-dan 4.1.0-2 (dan) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-deu 4.1.0-2 (deu) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-div 4.1.0-2 (div) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-dzo 4.1.0-2 (dzo) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ell 4.1.0-2 (ell) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-eng 4.1.0-2 (eng) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-enm 4.1.0-2 (enm) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-epo 4.1.0-2 (epo) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-equ 4.1.0-2 (equ) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-est 4.1.0-2 (est) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-eus 4.1.0-2 (eus) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fao 4.1.0-2 (fao) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fas 4.1.0-2 (fas) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fil 4.1.0-2 (fil) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fin 4.1.0-2 (fin) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fra 4.1.0-2 (fra) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-frk 4.1.0-2 (frk) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-frm 4.1.0-2 (frm) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-fry 4.1.0-2 (fry) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-gla 4.1.0-2 (gla) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-gle 4.1.0-2 (gle) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-glg 4.1.0-2 (glg) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-grc 4.1.0-2 (grc) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-guj 4.1.0-2 (guj) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-hat 4.1.0-2 (hat) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-heb 4.1.0-2 (heb) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-hin 4.1.0-2 (hin) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-hrv 4.1.0-2 (hrv) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-hun 4.1.0-2 (hun) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-hye 4.1.0-2 (hye) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-iku 4.1.0-2 (iku) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ind 4.1.0-2 (ind) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-isl 4.1.0-2 (isl) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ita 4.1.0-2 (ita) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ita_old 4.1.0-2 (ita_old) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-jav 4.1.0-2 (jav) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-jpn 4.1.0-2 (jpn) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-jpn_vert 4.1.0-2 (jpn_vert) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kan 4.1.0-2 (kan) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kat 4.1.0-2 (kat) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kat_old 4.1.0-2 (kat_old) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kaz 4.1.0-2 (kaz) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-khm 4.1.0-2 (khm) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kir 4.1.0-2 (kir) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kmr 4.1.0-2 (kmr) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kor 4.1.0-2 (kor) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-kor_vert 4.1.0-2 (kor_vert) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-lao 4.1.0-2 (lao) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-lat 4.1.0-2 (lat) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-lav 4.1.0-2 (lav) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-lit 4.1.0-2 (lit) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ltz 4.1.0-2 (ltz) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mal 4.1.0-2 (mal) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mar 4.1.0-2 (mar) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mkd 4.1.0-2 (mkd) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mlt 4.1.0-2 (mlt) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mon 4.1.0-2 (mon) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mri 4.1.0-2 (mri) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-msa 4.1.0-2 (msa) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-mya 4.1.0-2 (mya) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-nep 4.1.0-2 (nep) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-nld 4.1.0-2 (nld) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-nor 4.1.0-2 (nor) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-oci 4.1.0-2 (oci) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ori 4.1.0-2 (ori) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-osd 4.1.0-2 (osd) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-pan 4.1.0-2 (pan) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-pol 4.1.0-2 (pol) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-por 4.1.0-2 (por) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-pus 4.1.0-2 (pus) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-que 4.1.0-2 (que) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ron 4.1.0-2 (ron) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-rus 4.1.0-2 (rus) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-san 4.1.0-2 (san) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-sin 4.1.0-2 (sin) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-slk 4.1.0-2 (slk) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-slv 4.1.0-2 (slv) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-snd 4.1.0-2 (snd) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-spa 4.1.0-2 (spa) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-spa_old 4.1.0-2 (spa_old) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-sqi 4.1.0-2 (sqi) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-srp 4.1.0-2 (srp) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-srp_latn 4.1.0-2 (srp_latn) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-sun 4.1.0-2 (sun) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-swa 4.1.0-2 (swa) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-swe 4.1.0-2 (swe) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-syr 4.1.0-2 (syr) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tam 4.1.0-2 (tam) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tat 4.1.0-2 (tat) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tel 4.1.0-2 (tel) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tgk 4.1.0-2 (tgk) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tha 4.1.0-2 (tha) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tir 4.1.0-2 (tir) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ton 4.1.0-2 (ton) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-tur 4.1.0-2 (tur) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-uig 4.1.0-2 (uig) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-ukr 4.1.0-2 (ukr) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-urd 4.1.0-2 (urd) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-uzb 4.1.0-2 (uzb) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-uzb_cyrl 4.1.0-2 (uzb_cyrl) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-vie 4.1.0-2 (vie) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-yid 4.1.0-2 (yid) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-data-yor 4.1.0-2 (yor) Language tessdata for Tesseract OCR engine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tesseract-ocr 5.2.0-3 Tesseract OCR (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-threadweaver-qt5 5.100.0-1 High-level multithreading framework for Qt (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-thrift 0.13.0-4 Apache Thrift is a software framework for scalable cross-language services development (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tidy 5.8.0-1 A tool to tidy down your HTML code to a clean style (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tiny-dnn 1.0.0a3-6 C++14 implementation of deep learning (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tinyxml 2.6.2-5 Simple, small, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrated into other programs (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tk 8.6.12-1 A windowing toolkit for use with tcl (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tools-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 tools
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-ttf-dejavu 2.37-3 Font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts with a wider range of characters (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-twolame 0.4.0-2 An optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-tzdata 2022e-1 Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-uncrustify 0.75.1-1 Source Code Beautifier for C, C++, C#, ObjectiveC, D, Java, Pawn and VALA (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-unittest-cpp 2.0.0-1 A lightweight unit testing framework for C++
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-unixodbc 2.3.11-3 ODBC is an open specification for providing application developers with a predictable API with which to access Data Sources (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-unrar 6.1.7-1 The RAR uncompression program (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-uriparser 0.9.7-1 RFC 3986 URI parsing and processing libary (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-usbredir 0.8.0-1 Parser for the usbredir protocol (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-utf8cpp 3.2.2-1 UTF-8 with C++ in a Portable Way (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vala 0.56.3-1 Compiler for the GObject type system (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vcdimager 2.0.1-3 A full-featured mastering suite for authoring disassembling and analyzing Video CD's and Super Video CD's (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-verilator 5.002-1 The fastest free Verilog HDL simulator (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-virt-viewer 11.0-3 Displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vlc A multi-platform MPEG, VCD/DVD, and DivX player (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vtk 9.2.2-4 A software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vulkan-headers 1.3.235-1 Vulkan header files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vulkan-loader 1.3.235-1 Vulkan Installable Client Driver (ICD) Loader (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-vulkan-validation-layers 1.3.234-1 Vulkan Validation Layers (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-waf 2.0.20-6 General-purpose build system modelled after Scons (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wavpack 5.5.0-1 Audio compression format with lossless, lossy and hybrid compression modes (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-webp-pixbuf-loader 0.0.7-1 WebP GDK Pixbuf Loader library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wineditline 2.205-3 port of the NetBSD Editline library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-winstorecompat-git 10.0.0.r153.g31e6f8e5a-1 MinGW-w64 winRT compat library
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wintab-sdk 1.4-3 Wintab Interface Specification (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxPython 4.1.2a1.dev5434+7d45ee6a-2 A wxWidgets GUI toolkit for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxPython4.0 A wxWidgets GUI toolkit for Python (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.0-msw A C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Linux and UNIX (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.0-msw-libs wxMSW shared libraries for wxwidgets 3.0 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.1-msw 3.1.7-5 A C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Linux and UNIX (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.1-msw-libs 3.1.7-5 wxMSW shared libraries for wxwidgets 3.1 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-common 3.2.1-1 Static libraries and headers for wxWidgets 3.2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-common-libs 3.2.1-1 wxBase shared libraries for wxwidgets 3.2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-gtk3 3.2.1-1 GTK+3 implementation of wxWidgets 3.2 C++ GUI API (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-gtk3-libs 3.2.1-1 GTK+3 implementated shared libraries for wxwidgets 3.2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-msw 3.2.1-1 A C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Linux and UNIX (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-msw-cb_headers 3.2.1-1 private wxWidgets 3.2 MSW headers needed by Code::Blocks (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-wxwidgets3.2-msw-libs 3.2.1-1 wxMSW shared libraries for wxwidgets 3.2 (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-x264 0.164.r3094.bfc87b7-1 Library for encoding H264/AVC video streams (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-x265 3.5-3 Open Source H265/HEVC video encoder (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xapian-core 1~1.4.21-1 Open source search engine library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xerces-c 3.2.3-8 A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xmlstarlet 1.6.1-1 Command-line XML toolkit
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xpm-nox 4.2.0-8 X Pixmap library not using X (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xvidcore 1.3.7-3 XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xxhash 0.8.1-2 Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-xz 5.2.8-1 Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-yajl 2.1.0-2 Yet Another JSON Library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-yaml-cpp 0.7.0-2 A YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-youtube-dl 2021.12.17-3 A command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-z3 4.11.2-1 Z3 is a high-performance theorem prover being developed at Microsoft Research (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zeromq 4.3.4-2 Fast messaging system built on sockets, C and C++ bindings. aka 0MQ, ZMQ (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zimg 3.0.4-1 Scaling, colorspace conversion, and dithering library (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zint 2.11.0-1 Barcode encoding library supporting over 50 symbologies (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zint-qt 2.11.0-1 Zint Barcode Studio GUI (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zopfli 1.0.3-2
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zstd 1.5.2-2 Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zxing-cpp 1.4.0-1 A C++ library to decode QRCode (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-zziplib 0.13.72-3 A lightweight library that offers the ability to easily extract data from files archived in a single zip file (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-darktable 4.0.1-4 darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quick3dphysics 6.4.1-1 Qt Quick3D Physics Extensions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-qt6-quick3dphysics-debug 6.4.1-1 Qt Quick3D Physics Extensions (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libssp 7.3.0-3 A library for stack smashing protection (mingw-w64)
mingw-w64-clang-aarch64-libimagequant2 2.17.0-3 Palette quantization library (mingw-w64)
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